Solo show at the AMS Art Gallery in 2010. The room was filled with red yarn, and a pair of scissors placed at the far end of the room. A panel recounted the story of the Gordian knot and viewers were encouraged to cut through the yarn. Many were unsure of destroying the work, despite prompting.
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Interference (2012) was developed to subtly interfere with the daily routines of passers-by in the Laserre Building at UBC. Using the audio processing technologies of MAX/MSP, a single sound was broken up into 16 constituent parts, each assigned to a single speaker. Similarly, the light spectrum was broken up into 16 constituent parts, each assigned to a X-position on a wall. As a viewer passed by either side of the installation, the sound or light piece corresponding to their position would engage. If two viewers passed by at the same time, the opposite light or sound would be modulated, thereby making it impossible to enjoy the full effects of the piece without coordinating with another viewer. This was the first installation of the Arts Visual Audio Sensing Technologies (AVAST) project. I was one of four musicians and artists who designed, developed and built an interactive multimedia installation for the Laserre Building at UBC. Our other project can be seen here.
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