Gross Density Parcel


From the Agent C Gallery site:

Gross Density Parcel is inspired by a vacant lot in South Surrey.  Many years ago, the landowner, upon leaving it, left many of his possessions there to decay.  The assorted detritus — consisting of items such as athletic equipment, children’s toys, tools, photographs, building supplies and much, much more — came to decompose alongside natural and foreign plant species.  These artifacts prompted a creative investigation into the history of the property and those who lived there. 

The exhibition featured original artworks created by ten professional Surrey and Vancouver based artists who came to the property to gather materials, images or video footage to assist in the making of their work.

Paul Bucci’s installation Peek evokes the experience of walking past a family living room at night-time while a television set murmurs behind closed curtains. Much like memory itself, such an experience can only ever be sensory in nature – we cannot develop a detailed knowledge of the lives led within this space. Instead, we are left only with an alienated, emotive spectre. Although the window in Peek was found at 136th Avenue, it has become a universal window, suggestive of the veiled possibility of historical intimacy.